Shamanic Drum Making Cork, Sat 22nd June, Cork, Ire


Birth Your Own Shamanic Drum, CORK, IRE

Are you ready to witness the birth of a magnificent force in our reality? Can you envision the drum as a vibrant entity, housing the spirits of the tree from which its frame was crafted, the animal whose skin forms its surface, and the one who breathed life into it?

Are you prepared for a magical experience where each participant will craft their own drum with their hands, infusing it with their energy and personal purpose?

Are you ready for a moment of introspection, movement, and meditation? Have you considered how the drum can be a tool for activating and healing our spirit, aligning the vibration of our heart with Mother Earth? Can you imagine the unique sound of each drum, unlike any other?

Constructing your own drum entails tapping into ancient wisdom, drawing strength and inspiration from within our hearts, and birthing a powerful instrument that serves as both companion and teacher in shaping our reality.



🥁 20″ Diameter wooden frame, 46CM approx, Octagon ( 4 Corner of the Universe and 4 Elements)

🥁 • Natural Goat Leather
🥁 • Drum stick
🥁 • Guided Workshop
🥁 • Sacred Circle
🥁 • Shamanic medicine


🥁 • Guided Conscious Breathing
🥁 • Guided Shamanic Journey
🥁 • Access to the Drum Online Community.
🥁 • Preference at the list for the Online Drumming Classes.


The drum finds its place in ceremonies, dances, songs, and celebrations, and is embraced by various Holistic Therapy practitioners.

Your drum becomes an extension of yourself. How does utilizing your drum during meditation enhance your sense of unity with the universe?

*Do we remember the first sound we heard?

It was a long time ago…
We wouldn’t remember it, because the first time we heard something … we weren’t even born, it was in our mother’s womb.
That heartbeat stayed in us, for nine months without stopping, setting the rhythm of our new life. Today, this beat is with us in our own heart. That is why we have such a deep connection to the sound of the Shamanic Drum.


Are you ready to explore the weaving process, where you establish a profound connection with the instrument taking shape? Can you envision this creative journey, demanding your full attention, patience, and temperance?

As you nurture the birth of your drum, consider how each beat you play will amplify the personal medicine you’ve uncovered while weaving. How does this process allow you to extend the drum’s voice and light out into the world?

*Limited 13 Spaces*


Each drum is unique, just like us. The more we tune in to it, the more revelations it will show us.


One of the many tools that people (Therapists, Medicine People, Shamans…) use to question what they think they know is the sacred drum. Drumming is perhaps the oldest form of active meditation known to mankind.

You can help with a wide variety of topics, such as:
– The recovery of lost aspects of the soul
– The release of unhealthy organisms
– The resolution of conflicts within the unconscious
– The transformation of negative energy from past traumas into positive energy helping people who feel repressed emotions
– Healing unhealthy patterns and habits.


Drum Meditation facilitates the healthy deconstruction of the ego through its powerful resonance with the deepest, which invites the soul to speak. A healthy drumming meditation is like a lever that taps into the dark depths of our soul.
What we see during our drum meditation journey has the potential to reveal clues to the mystery of our lives, as well as give us greater clarity about the purpose and meaning of our lives. But it can also annoy us and cause us pain to clean ourselves.

The open heart can be broken, which opens us much more to the power and intensity of the sacred. Either way, we are soul-displaced by the vastness and enchantment of our journey through the inner-outer nature of the dynamics of the soul world. Our souls become more robust, more adaptable to the impermanence of the world.


The drum possesses the ability to exert a direct and potent influence on human neurophysiology. It is asserted that trance drums serve as a direct conduit to our authentic human essence, encompassing its profound dimensions and thereby reconnecting us to the earth. As we surrender to the rhythmic fluctuations of the drum, we open ourselves to traversing the ethereal realm of profound imagination. In this boundless space, healing transformation unfolds freely, facilitating communication with diverse archetypes and unrestricted travel through limitless realms.


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As the rhythmic vibrations of the drum dissolve boundaries, the visionary experience merges senses into a synesthetic alliance, granting access to the essence of existential freedom. Picture Neo caught between the confines of the matrix and the vastness of the Real. What unfolds unveils the truth of existence: a seamless unity where separation dissolves, and all is interwoven—a synergy of both cosmos and psyche. “We inhabit a realm beyond ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.”

Through dedicated practice, drum meditation empowers us to cultivate what are known as “coexistence tools,” enabling us to courageously interpret and shape our own destiny rather than passively navigating life’s predetermined course. In doing so, we evolve into catalysts for change, proactive agents in the tapestry of humanity. We emerge as modern-day oracles, guiding the path towards new horizons.


The purpose of SHAMANIC DRUMMING is to induce a variety of ecstatic trance states, facilitating connection with the spiritual dimension of reality. Found in diverse cultures worldwide, this drumming method shares striking similarities across different societies. It employs a repetitive rhythm that begins slowly and gradually intensifies to a tempo of three to seven beats per second. This ascending tempo guides practitioners into light to deep trance states, enabling shamanic practices such as journeying, shapeshifting, and divination. Practitioners may progress through various trance states until reaching the level necessary for healing. Exiting the trance state involves simply slowing the drumming tempo, returning consciousness to normal. Across millennia, SHAMANIC DRUMMING has provided a simple and effective means of experiencing ecstasy.


Alex Rey, Psychologist, Holistic & Massage Therapist, helping people to awaken their power and purpose on earth, to own their brilliance and dreams.

Born in Colombia. He has been recognised and trained with the indigenous community in Colombia called “Muysca”.

Drum Maker, passionate about Healing Therapies.
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