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Discover Your Heart project support many Indigenous Communities across the Amazon basin.

Along with the anthropological research & shamanic studies sharing and learning with  indigenous communities has giving the perspective how important is to preserve this ancient art traditions more than ever. 

Hence I have been creating this bridge between elders, woman leaders of their communities to expand their wisdom, persevering their sustainability 

Catalysing personal and collective transformation is are the keys to help the humanity, with an integration of the ancestral medicines into  a more  conscious way of living .


Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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5 +
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Personal Transformations
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As a herbalist, I use nature and the natural value of living beings to give and receive what is valuable in life. “If you do not become one with life … The needle keeps jumping in the same song, and it seems that your life is not progressing and every day is the same as the day before, that’s why I help people to take a quantum leap so that they can be who they truly are and do what they should do in this life experience.
Alex Rey

Handmade Products

Made mainly by Woman leaders of their communities.

Sacred Bridge between the Amazon & Modern World

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