Kuripe Self Aplicator Blood Wood Crysacola Clear Quartz


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Kuripe Self Aplicator Blood Wood Crysacola Clear Quartz

These beautiful Self-Applicators are hand made with love and light in Pucallpa by the family I support in Peru.

We use sustainable harvested Palo Sangre for the pipe pieces, which are the must sturdy of the types of wood used. a very hard hardwood.

They also are able to be polished the best, and as a result the mouth and nose pieces are the finest, and smallest of all the types.

The inner chamber is a little more narrow than the chonta or palo santo versions, but if you are looking for a smooth, small nose piece, this is by far your best choice.

Each piece is adorned with a lacquered piece of yellow vine on one side, with Crysacola (Peruvian turquoise). To absorb negative energies and ground the piece on the other.

Each piece has a couple more unique beads as well, in addition to the beautiful polished gem on the end. (assorted – you’ll get whichever one is meant for you! and, you can request a color/gem, and we will grab that one if we have it for you, too).

Most of them have more crysacola on the tip.

They each have all the stones described here on each side of the Kuripe as displayed in the pictures.

Increase your inner potential when you pray with one of these most carefully crafted applicators today! May the tools that bridge us back to ourselves be kind -all the way through- and done in the beauty way. Blessings, and all the best!

As Etsy is not allowing sellers to use the platform to sell sacred rapeh medicine anymore
Here you can order directly from my website.

I do have Green Rapeh made by my indigenous Muysca community in Colombia, also few Brazilians ones, directly from the tribes in Brazil.

Here the links.



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